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Or, more aptly put, anything that's not digital art.

Traditional art for me has meant dabbling in every medium and school of techniques I can find. If I see a work of art I like, I tend to go on a kick of emulating that style until I find something new.


That's not to say there aren't certain areas that I've stuck with over the years. Acrylic impasto painting and chalk pastel (left) are some of my favorites. Similarly to my photography, my favorite subjects to paint are locations I go and people or things I find there. I also love using bright colors in my art or no colors at all, depending on the mood I am hoping to convey. 

I have also done commissioned works in the form of paintings and drawings, and I am honored to have had my art featured in galleries, art shows, and storefronts/businesses.

Sketches and Ink

Malaga Cathedral
Fisherman's Bastion
Rio Douro
Czech Church
Pirate Ship
Collin McKinley (Character Study)
Barry Benson (Character Study)
Karlstejn Castle, Czechia
City Hall, Philadelphia
Jackson Square, New Orleans
Birch Trees
Quebec Funiculaire (Commission)
Traditional Art: Gallery

In Color

Kyle Pred (Character Study)
Self Portrait
Hope World Album Cover
Hadestown Album Cover (Commission)
Negative Space Still
Sing Studio (Commission)
Pollution (Showcased at "Be Advised: Redefining Nature" Gallery)
Bakery Still
Angkor Wat
Thai Hilltribe Mother and Daughter
The Weird Place
Fruit Still
BTS Persona Parade Float
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