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Digital Art




For over 5 years I have been working as a freelance graphic designer and have created logos, flyers, web pages, profiles, and social media campaigns for small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

I have a flexible design strategy that involves creating a variety sheet of digital designs from something as simple as a series of buzzwords or a color scheme.  

Logo Design for Ellison Ezekiel LLC



A client starts by sending me something as simple as this: a list of colors, buzzwords, or even just a company name and a "vibe." 

If the client is working with a team, sometimes this first page can look silly or even contradictory, but the fun part for me is combining everything into a logo that they love.



Coming from a love of mixed media art and a passion for charity, I wrote my first children's book during my junior year of high school. Co-illustrated by a friend and acted out by a cast of students in the accompanying musical that I wrote, directed, and starred in, Maggie's Box was meant to inspire young girls to live their dreams regardless of societal gender barriers.

The process of publishing Maggie's Box was definitely a learning experience, and when the book reached the Amazon Bestseller list, I knew my work had paid off. When I was asked by storyteller and professional Santa, Michael Sheinbaum, to illustrate his upcoming children's book about Christmas and quarantine, I was excited to test out different forms of art and help his story come to life.



Maggie's box is the story of a young girl who realizes that she can escape the constraints of society by thinking outside the box. Her story is meant to inspire young girls who read it, and all proceeds from the book's sales are donated to the Campaign for Female Education (CamFed), where Maggie's Box has already given three girls in Africa the opportunity and supplies to complete high school.

Beautiful message (you can be whomever you wish to be) with outstanding illustrations. Would make a great baby shower gift or present for any young child.

We have twin Grandsons who will be 6 in July and they absolutely love the book. One of them is reading it to his entire class with his Grandmother, on Monday morning. It’s really a fabulous message to both girls and boys.

Read and Re-Read to get this message to it!!!


In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, author Michael Sheinbaum wanted to share a story of Christmas cheer, with lovable characters and an adorable storyline that inspires children to adapt and be creative and always find ways to have fun. The Elves Indoors is partnered with #GetUsPPE, which provides protective equipment to healthcare workers.

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